Frequently Asked Questions

We can organize postage at your own expense.

It is usually possible to combine photos. Sometimes it can be tricky due to light/shadow/tone varying between photos. Also, the camera position needs to be similar to make it look natural. (Eg. If one photo is taken from above, and the other is taken from a lower position)

If they are not too different, I can usually make some adjustments and successfully combine them. If in doubt, please send me the photos and I will be more than happy to take a look and let you know if it’s possible to do it.

Please note, it sometimes takes time to make all the adjustments, which incurs an extra fee.

Modifying photos is usually NOT possible. Things like adding a smile or opening closed eyes are extremely hard to do since I have never seen the person or pet in person. But I can make adjustments, like adding an accessory, changing eye or hair colour, etc.

Please note, it sometimes takes time to make all the adjustments, which might incur  an extra fee.

The file is sent by email in a png or JPEG format. You need to download it, save it, and open it in Photoshop. I recommend printing it on an acid-free paper for durability.

I can organize for your portrait to be professionally printed, which will be charged for. In this case, postage will also be calculated and included.

Unfortunately, no, we do not.

Yes. You can see lots of videos of me drawing a whole portrait on my social media.

I don’t illustrate explicit sexual content and ideologically sensitive content that might be considered offensive. I also don’t illustrate anything violent or “dark”, that includes gore themes.

Unfortunately, I currently can’t offer a payment plan.  50% is paid upfront, and the other half is paid upon completion of the commission.

It depends on the projects I’m working on, how big your commission is, and time of the year (October onwards is usually busier). But it usually takes around 6-8 weeks. That can be confirmed once we start the process.

Yes I do.  A beautiful a5 size certificate printed in thick velvet finish paper and foiled in gold is available for purchase. You can choose any amount, and it will be sent to the recipient of the voucher.

Yes, I do.

Unfortunately no.

You can print your portrait Up to 80cms without compromising resolution

JPEG. BUt I can send as PNG or PDF upon request

Of course it is preferable to have clear, sharp photographs to reference from, however, I do understand that this is not always possible.  Especially if your adored pet has passed away and you only have old photographs.  If this is the case, don’t stress, we can still create a beautiful portrait with what you have.

I only require one clear photograph, however, you can send through as many photographs as you like.  I can also help you choose the best photo for your portrait if you are unsure. The more photos, the better.

As large as possible! This will allow me to zoom and see more details without losing resolution.

Usually Yes. If you have any special requests, just let me know when you order.  If the additional items added to the portrait are significant, an additional fee may be incurred.

No. Once the order has been placed and the deposit has been paid, the portrait is not refundable.