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Ensure the subject is clearly visible and not too far away resulting in a distorted image. 

It is highly important to select pictures in which you can see all details of the face.  Avoid photos containing strong shadows that make it difficult to see the small features.

Photos taken with a good camera will certainly make all the difference in the end result. Phone cameras are usually acceptable when a presentable image is achieved by taking a photo with a clean lens and in a good definition. We encourage you to use as much natural light as possible to make sure leading lines are clear, contrast, as well as patterns and repetitions, are noticeable and symmetry is obtained. Refrain from using screenshots as they tend to lose the quality compromising the resolution. For lower quality or older photos, we recommend a more artistic style of portrait.

The details enrich the portrait significantly. To achieve such a result the whole face needs to be adequately shown, eyes in focus (preferably not wearing reflective glasses) and every possible feature visible such as fur direction, eyebrows, expression lines, etc.

The briefing needs to be as detailed as possible because it will be followed when creating the portrait.  Any changes to clothing, positioning, hair colour/style all need to be mentioned in the initial briefing to be included in the quote. 

** with Digital Portraits a draft will be provided and small changes can be made before the final draft is emailed to you but any major structural changes will be charged accordingly.

Postage and Handling is not included in the price list, it is calculated based on your location and the size of the package we are sending. This can all be discussed during the quote process. We recommend the Digital option if you are ordering a commission outside of Australia as it allows you to print the portrait yourself without the hassle of shipping times and costs.




When using combined photos, we recommend the Digital Portrait as it allows for a more seamless result.

There is an extra cost when combining photos as it takes longer to create the portrait and often requires changes in clothing and positioning. 


I am available for commissions for digital, watercolour and pencil illustrations.  For more information, please view my commissions page.